Monday, December 1, 2008

Kristin Mastre

Kristin Mastre is a wife of 10 years, a mother to two boys (The Baby and The Preschooler), a friend, a Personal Trainer and a Writer. Kristin has been blogging for years, starting with her family blog in 2005. Her personal blog has been highlighted on and various other parenting blogs around the world after writing about the challenges of pregnancy, parenthood and the adventures of raising two boys in the Rocky Mountains. She began writing a health and fitness blog in 2007 that had posts published by Fox News, Reuters, USA Today, iVillage, and a multitude of news stations across the country. After noticing that there was a lack of food bloggers in Fort Collins, she decided to throw her hat into the ring in May of 2009.

Kristin is one of the top food writers in the City of Fort Collins, writing for the website Every aspect of the roles in her life revolve around her love of food in some way: date nights with her husband, finding kid-friendly places to eat with her family, a night out on the town with her friends and helping her training clients find healthy food choices to achieve their fitness goals. Being an honest writer, she'll tell it like she tastes it.

When not dining out at one of the many restaurants in Fort Collins, you can find her in the gym (working off the food review calories), doing fun things with her boys and the moms group that she is the chapter President of, meeting with the Reality Writes women and trying to find the perfect balance of it all.