Monday, December 1, 2008

Suzanne Maestri-Walters

I'm a graphic designer, aspiring pop artist and mother of one, wife of one, living in a loft in Old Town in Fort Collins, Colorado. I try to live my life where design and motherhood intersect, but not limited to. Currently working from home working freelance with my design biz, One Girl Creative (since 2003). In addition to family and health being the most important in my life, I try and adhere to a completely art-filled environment and way of life. Which include—but not limited to—frequent gallery visits, blog perusing by artists and designers alike, and as a member of the Denver Art Museum, I enjoy making regular visits for my dose of all things "artsy." If I can't live in New York City, then I choose to live in what we call our little urban environment in Old Town Ft. Collins—where frequent walks to coffee shops and toy stores are nothing short of sublime.