Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby Browser

My son is adopted from S. Korea and we are "white". Although he is only four now, I worry about the day that he realizes he doesn't look like us (and they say that day will happen). We talk about his being from Korea and his Birth Mom all of the time, but the idea is still like Santa or the Tooth Fairy - he will believe whatever we tell him is true.

My family is addicted to our Wii. They love Mario Party and there are many mythical creatures of unclear species that you can choose as your character. One of them is Browser - part gorilla and part dinasour. My son likes him because he is big and growls. Last night as I kissed him goodnight he said "goodnight mommy Browser" to which I replied "goodnight baby Browser". For now, we are of the same and that it good.

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