Thursday, February 5, 2009

Like water for coffee

I have 10 free minutes to put my bazzillion thoughts out there; however, I have a screaming 10 month old sitting upon my lap who is not so keen on my doing so. First off, though, I just have to say, this large cup of French Roast here at the Bean Cycle is seriously weak.... like water.... and now my whole morning is going to be just a bit more emotionally challenging. I am a snob about certain things - mainly food and coffee. Both can make or break my mood for hours. I'll explain more about that when I have more time, and both hands. For now, I'll just say, whoever is reading this (Elisabeth?), I want to wish you a beautiful, uplifting 70 degree day on this 5th day of February, and may your 1st cup of coffee be dark and rich!!! :)

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