Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Writer's Block

Well, I am still stuck in my writer's block... So, since I have to write this blog I will just write how I spent the day... It started productively enough... Woke up at 5:00, made kids' lunches, had coffe, checked e-mails, left at 6 for my 7:30 meeting in Lakewood. Finished my meeting at 9:30 and drove back to Fort Collins. By this time I am feeling pretty energized so I did some laundry, washed some dishes left from the morning, and took the dog for a walk. It was so beautiful outside that when I got home I decided to go for a run, promising myself to think about what to write for the blog. Instead I totally zoned out with my ipod. Came back, showered, ate leftovers out ofthe fridge (pasta with butternut squash), and had to watch wife swap for an hour. By now it is three o'clock and had to pick up the kids. We ate snacks and cuddled on the couch. Went upstairs to read only to be followed by previously mentioned kids who played with the NintendoDS and legos on the floor of my room until Dad came home to discover that I had not made dinner. After a vote deciding between Chinese and Thai, Chinese was ordered. Food was yummy and eaten followed by dishes, showers, and PJs. Now off to bed. I know I have to write my blog piece, but all I want is a glass of wine and some more down time in front of the TV. Phew, I am tired. I pledge to keep at it. This block will have to break soon and when it does...


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