Monday, December 7, 2009

Prawns for Thanksgiving

This year we spent Thanksgiving Day at the Singapore Zoo gawking at monkeys and elephants, riding a boat and an open-air bus, and frolicking in the children's water playground. Six hours later we rolled home digesting authentic Indian food and ready for a nap. It was great family time!

My in-laws know nothing of Thanksgiving Day aside from hearsay, but they did understand that it was important to us. Kitchen pots were clanking as we came through the front door met by the scent of fried ginger and chilies. I cleared the small family table and food began to appear. The centerpiece of the evening was a plate of fat prawns which my husband's father had proudly prepared himself. Also on the menu were chicken, salmon, cauliflower with carrots, kabocha squash soup, and white rice which we all scooped for ourselves from the rice cooker in the kitchen.

I am thankful for the opportunity to spend time with family on the other side of the globe, and thankful that they can enjoy their grandchildren dismantling their non-babyproof home. The meal caused me to reminisce about roasting squid over an open fire on the beach in Hong Kong on Christmas in '96, and I'm thankful for another unique holiday food memory, even though Chinese chicken is a poor substitute for the appropriate glorious holiday fowl. I am also thankful that my parents will come to Colorado for Christmas, which the kids are thrilled about too. And if you haven't guessed it, I will be roasting a turkey!

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Elisabeth said...

Love the picture! Thanks for posting... Our blog is so international... It is cold her and there is snow on the ground!