Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Deck With A View

Yesterday afternoon we decided it was finally warm enough to drag our patio chairs to our front deck for the season. Sitting on our front deck every afternoon in the summer for a glass of wine or beer is a tradition which my husband and I enjoy.

When I first moved to this rural country house 16 years ago, there was no deck on the front of the house, only ugly junipers taking over the front yard. I felt like it was a tragedy considering the majestic mountain view that we have to the west. I used to sit on my concrete front step and look at the distant mountains, making for a short and uncomfortable few minutes, but always hopeful that one day I could have a permanent sitting place out front. As a single mom, it was impossible to take on a project like that. So I continued to sit on my concrete step and used the welcome mat as a cushion.

When I married my husband several years ago and he moved in with me and my kids, he also saw the potential for a front deck. One of the best Mother's Day gifts I ever received was the year that I told my husband I wanted a new patio set for Mother's Day, and he replied, "How would you like a deck to go along with it?" I jumped for joy. He is like the energizer bunny with boundless energy, and he soon had our deck built.

From our deck we see Long's Peak and Mount Meeker every day. We see violent summer storms approach with unbelievable lightning shows. We greet our neighbors as they walk up and down the road with their dogs and kids. Many times they stop at our deck for a visit.

For me, the deck represents family. It is on this deck where I have sat for hours with my husband and kids, talking about our days and sharing our dreams. It is where I always find a peaceful calm even on the hardest days.

So today I am celebrating the return of the deck chairs. I'm looking forward to filling them with family, neighbors and friends often.

Peggy McNeal

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deck chairs said...

The view you have from your house is amazing! It must be so good to sit outside on your deck and sit looking at those snow capped distant mountains.

I love mountains and this kind of view would be so great to see every day.