Monday, April 26, 2010

Organic Credo

Smooth showers...
Morning... The walk was - is -
Thoughts of him
One streaming tear
drains into his sweet cheek
[true image]
forever sketched in his mind
sweet, complex mind
That tear -

I hear her... [That bird - that one bird -
... only heard...]
I am here!
And he is my gift [rich fudge and peppermint -
layered -
chilled -
She says

Your favorite

My gift is he [He?]
This is not about...


I love him. [Him!]
I love us.

Creations are watered
[Dance with me]

into eternity.....


Kristina Lim said...

I like it, Em. Did I understand right that "he" is your cup of iced coffee? (Do tell me if I've got it all wrong.)

I hope you share more poems on the blog here.

Em said...

Thanks for commenting, Kristina!... I never know what others think of my poetry. I sort of have my own "style." But no, "he" is my husband, and the "she" in there is my mom.

Kristina Lim said...

Lol now I see it much more clearly! I did think of your husband first but the fudge/peppermint line threw me off. Regardless, I like your style. Keep writing.