Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Inspirational softball girls

Mother's Day...ahh...for me, another day spent at the ballpark. I am a softball and baseball mom and I give up almost all of my spring and summer weekends to spend time watching my kids play ball. I enjoy it. I know that these days won't last forever, so every weekend we travel to fields far and wide at ungodly hours to play the game. I also know that playing sports and being part of a team has taught my kids a lot about hard work, perseverence, and dedication. This past weekend showed me the good work that youth sports does in shaping the lives of our kids.

Inronically, the tournament we were playing in was called "Flowers for Mother's Day". For one mother, it could have turned into a nightmare. Our team was playing at a different part of the complex, so this story comes to me second hand, but it still made a lasting impression on me. Evidently a player was hit by a ball and knocked unconscious. While she was being transported to the hospital, all of the other teams of girls playing at the complex gathered together on the field on their knees, joined hands, and prayed for her. Moments before they had all been competing, and now they realized that this was just a game. It was no longer important who won or who lost, who struck out or who hit a home run. When I saw the picture of the girls all holding hands and kneeling, it was an inspiration for me on Mother's Day. I am glad to report that the injured player will be okay.

All I could think of was her mother and the agony that she had gone through, as I had gone through similar agony just a few months ago with my daughter's snowboard accident. I was so proud of the group of girls that day, and the great job that all of their mothers had done in raising them, and thankful for the coaches who instill solid values in them on the playing field every day.

Peggy McNeal

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