Thursday, September 2, 2010

A new hat to juggle

Well, I think I can finally come up for air now. I have two weeks of classes under my belt. It’s hard to be a student after so many years, but I have wanted to get my MPH for a long time and now I am taking the first steps. Here are some of my first impressions:

1. I am OLD – as I walk around campus I am very aware of how stinkin’ old I am! These kids look like BABIES and in fact some of them could be my babies.
2. An hour is not very long – I remember getting antsy after an hour of class time but now it is pretty easy to sit and listen and do nothing. It is a nice break from running around, cleaning, picking and dropping off kids.
3. I have learned a lot. It is amazing to hear what some of the young students think and how naïve they are about certain things. Thank goodness I have actually learned something.
4. I have become good at multitasking. I was worried about keeping up with everything, but it is true that the more you have to do, the more that gets done.
5. It’s nice (and hard) to be able to use your brain on a daily basis. Thinking makes you feel alive.

I am on to week three. I hope I remember how to write a paper and take a test… I think I will be fine... if I just remember to breathe.

1 comment: said...

lol. I was just reminded about how ancient I was too at the beach one day running with my 18 year old nephew as Ll the lifeguards past on their morning run. It was a shocking realization of how much time had passed since I was 18-22!

Good luck on your new endeavor! I am a nerd that LOVES all things school!