Tuesday, September 28, 2010




Definition: A set of forms all of which contain a particular element, esp. the set of all inflected forms based on a single stem or theme. A display in fixed arrangement of such a set, as boy, boy's, boys, boys'. An example serving as a model or pattern. A mold, standard, ideal, paragon, touchstone.

I have come to the conclusion that RealityWritesCollective is lacking a paradigm. Perhaps that is why we have become less interested in posting our thoughts. I thought that all being women with children who would like to write would be enough of a paradigm, but I was wrong. We are all so different and have different motivations for being in Reality Writes. It is what I both LOVE about RWC and what prevents us from becoming more than what we are.

But maybe, what we are is enough. We are a workspace where we can post story ideas, thoughts, and inspirations. We are a group that can encourage and support each other. We can review, critique, or bounce an idea around.

Maybe lack of paradigm is not our problem – maybe we just all have a little too much work to do right now.

NEXT MEETING October 16.


Peg said...

Maybe what afflicts us is what afflicts me - as moms we put everyone else ahead of ourselves - then have no time to write. I keep trying to change this, but the pattern keeps repeating itself darn it. When will I figure out how to put myself first?

Kristina said...

Too much work, yeah, all of us have a lot going on. You're going to see an article from me soon, though! I'm hoping to make an Oct 15 deadline for MomSense. Oops, there I said it, now I'll have to follow through...

no spring chicken said...

I LOVE the name of your blog!! I'll be paying attention to just what is going on here...

Blessings, Debbie