Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Romeo

My son is five and as a typical five-year-old I find him to be rambunctious, annoying, loveable, cuddly, active, beautiful, and did I mention annoying? He can really act like a goober. He wants to wear shorts all winter long, picks his nose when he thinks that I am not looking, bothers his sister, and still cries when he doesn't get his way (which seems very often). But despite all of this, I found out today that my son is a Romeo.

One of the other parents told me all about it. She reads to him occaisionally as a volunteer at his school. He quietly sat with her making his sounds and pointing out letters, actually behaving well, something that he rarely does for me, when the preschool class walked by. One little girl after another waved and coquettishly smiled as they all made a point to say hi to my kid. The other mother said it was quite impressive. Of course, my son tried to play it off by saying "those are my old friends from preschool," but the other mother knew that this was a big deal. Big enough that she told me the story later on the day when I was there for pickup.

I of course called his Dad to relay the story whose voice was full of pride. "He's a good looking kid," he said, and can freely say because our son is adopted and therefore one cannot be accused of conceit. He is adorable in fact. When I asked my son about it he quickly changed the subject and started talking about his "best" friend (he has many) who is male as well.

So now I feel that I have a few more adjectives to add to my list that describes my son. And thankfully they are all positive. Kids really have their own secret lives away from you. I am happy to add good looking, humble, good friend, and a Romeo.


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