Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy day for my dog

Today I was surprised by a phone call from my vet’s office. As I saw the caller ID come up, I had a moment of panic. Did I forget an appointment? Do I owe them money and have I forgotten to pay them?

I am thrilled to report that neither of these scenarios is true. It seems that the last time I was there, I entered my two dogs into a drawing for “Pet of the Month” and one of them won. What that means is that I, as the lucky dog’s owner, will receive 10% off my next vet visit. What my dog will receive is recognition on the bulletin board in the vet’s waiting room as “Pet of the Month”. She will get her picture and personal biography posted on the wall for all the other jealous dogs to see.

What did she do to get this award? Absolutely nothing. I wish I could say that she saved a child from a burning house, or that she chased down a bank robber. No, she just hung out and occasionally barked at people passing by our yard. She also loved us unconditionally because that’s what dogs do. Congratulations to my dog Gizmo on this well-deserved award! Maybe next time I should send her to the store to buy lottery tickets.

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