Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A rainy day is a good day

It’s rainy and grey outside today. I like rainy days as long as there are lots of sunny ones in between. It cozy, lazy and you have an excuse to bake. Today we baked a birthday cake. It’s my husband’s birthday today and he loves days like this, it’s perfect.

In the car this morning we turned the explosive children’s music off and just listened to the rain and the windshield wipers, pitter patter, swoosh swoosh. The sound of rain hitting the window is almost healing, it forces me to take a break, even if it’s just for a minute.

I dropped my preschooler off at the farm for her little “Pee Wee Farmer” class. I pictured them spending the next hour and a half up on the loft, playing in the hay with the kitty cats and telling stories. I wanted to stay too. But, instead I walked my two toddlers back to the car where they hopped and splashed in some puddles until my daughter hopped right out of her shoe and her sock got wet, and that was the end of that. When we returned to the farm all the Pee Wee Farmers pulled up sitting on hay behind a tractor, smiles all around.

It’s naptime now and the entire house sounds like it does in my kids bedrooms, it’s just like the rain sound from their sound machines. My twin toddlers are sleeping, even my preschooler decided to nap (she never decides to nap). It’s has to be this rainy day, I might cuddle up on the couch too.

I think rainy days are good for the soul.

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