Monday, August 9, 2010

Stolen Minutes

I wake up with the rooster to go for a run, way before the kids are wiggling in their beds. I have time for a shower, unloading the dishwasher and starting the breakfast before I bounce my feet up the stairs for morning hugs and kisses (yes I do have this kind of energy in the mornings). We have breakfast together… well at least until the food is on the floor instead of in their bellies. I start cleaning up, I let them “brush” their teeth at the table (with non fluoride toothpaste) while I brush the girls’ hair and put in girly hair clips. Then I brush their teeth.

I check my email and do other to do “stuff” while the kids’ pour everything out of the dress up bin. And as the mess continues I prep snacks and lunch (especially if we’re heading out), even mine otherwise I never eat.

Sometimes we all play together and it’s lots of fun and exhausting, in a good way. And sometimes the three of them play amazingly together and I can get more “stuff” done. If it’s not laundry or cleaning, it’s drawing, painting, writing, reading, or creating adorable troll Waldorf dolls. I love it all, but it does get a little overwhelming at times.

During naps/rest time I continue, doing my best to cross out things on my to do list, never sitting or taking a break. In the afternoon we usually stay home or run an errand to a store. I like to slow down a little because at this point I’m pretty tired.

At bath time my husband and me split up the kids. I always have one in our bathtub and he has two in their bathtub (we rotate kids so they all have get a bath alone). I like to use this time to chat and play since I want to give them as much one on one as I can. But sometimes I end up folding the laundry on the bathroom floor.

Lately I feel like I have been stealing minutes throughout the day. Stealing them from my “me time” and from my “me and my kids time”. I’m trying to do little here and there so I can get more things done in one day (more than is possible sometimes). I try not to steal to many of those minutes from my kids, I love hanging out with them. But sometimes I simply have to.

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